CELTA Comments

” Through TP here I’m receiving very useful experience. After TPs tutors give us a lot of important advice and my weak or improved points become more obvious”

“Administration is very helpful with their presentations and advice”

I’m very thankful to course administration. It’s a great opportunity for teachers to become familiar with modern teachingmethods and use them in their classes… Thank you very much”

“I learned a lot from my tutors as they provided well-planned, well-organised sessions. I learned from them how to hold comprehensive lessons.”

“Input sessions were planned perfectly. Our tutors provided a lot of useful paperwork and information which helped me to develop my teaching skill and every stage was suitable with our teaching practice.”

“All the materials are provided, well-equiped classrooms, good environment for doing CELTA course. I’m glad that I am doing CELTA course at IH Tbilisi.”

“I am happy to have an opportunity to work with such qualified tutors, they support me a lot. I really benefit from them. Thank you.”

“Thank you very much for responsibility, discipline and equal concentration on all CELTA trainees. We are proud of you!”

“I find tutors’ feedback very useful and helpful, always highlighting week and strong points.”

“I’m impressed by the professionalism of our trainers. They are really supportive, offering much developmental advice during input sessions, feedback and ALP.”
“Input Sessions are great as well. I like our tutors’ approaches and techniques. Everything is clear and logical.”