International House Tbilisi is glad to announce the beginning of the first annual International House English Language Learners’ Olympiad (IHELLO)

IHELLO is the contest in which students aged 12-14 years will have to compete with each other, demonstrate their knowledge of English and prove that they are the best.


The first three places will get prizes:

  • 1st place – a free one-year course at IH Tbilisi;
  • 2nd place – 50% discount on a year course at IH Tbilisi;
  • 3rd place – 30% discount on a year course at IH Tbilisi.


IHELLO will include two rounds:


Round 1

Students will have to complete a task which includes 30 gap-filling sentences and an essay.

The task is a PDF file called IHELLO. You need to write your answers in the answer sheet and then email it to us on: internationalhousetbilisi@gmail.com


Deadline is March 1, 2020!

Shortlisted candidates will be invited to take part in the second round.



Download the two documents IHELLO task and IHELLO answer sheet.

Complete both parts in ‘IHELLO task’ and transfer your answers to the answer sheet (‘IHELLO answer sheet’).

Please, don’t change the front of the document or anything else there!

When sending the email with complete tasks, don’t forget to write your contact information: name, surname and a telephone number.


Round 2

Twenty students with the highest results will be invited to International House Tbilisi to participate in the second round in April 2020.

It will include four parts: listening, reading, writing and an interview.


NOTE: participation in IHELLO is FREE!