Certificate in Advanced Methodology

The International House Certificate in Advanced Methodology (CAM), Moderated by Cambridge English Language Assessment, offers the high level of methodological input which (1) many teachers seek for reasons of personal self-development and (2) many teachers need as preparation for a Diploma level qualification such as the Cambridge DELTA.

It is recognised that many experienced teachers demand this level of input but have no wish to pursue a Diploma level course.

Because of the high level of input involved, the course is aimed at teachers with at least one yearโ€™s full-time experience (600 clock hours of teaching).ย  The focus of the course is General English to Adults.

The course aims:

  • To develop course participantsโ€™ (CPsโ€™) ability to identify useful articles, extracts, etc. and to read them critically.
  • To encourage CPs to read key articles, chapters, etc, to lighten the load on a Diploma level course.
  • To encourage in-depth reflection on CPsโ€™ past and current practice.
  • To encourage critical debate on teaching practice among CPs and their peers.
  • To encourage discussion across different teaching contexts.
  • To encourage professionalism in CPsโ€™ approach to their job and personal development.
  • To develop CPsโ€™ ability to analyse language for teaching purposes in increased depth.
  • To widen CPsโ€™ approaches to dealing with authentic and self-made texts.
  • To provide CPs with a historical perspective with regard to teaching approaches.
  • To encourage CPs to experiment with different approaches and reflect on the experience so they will move towards a position of โ€œprincipled eclecticismโ€.
  • To encourage teamwork among professional practitioners.

The course will run for 20 weeks, with one 90-minute training session a week plus pre-session reading and post-session tasks and action-research. In total there will be 30 hours of input, and a further 30 hours (at least) will be spent on other work such as recommended reading, homework tasks and classroom-based action research

For more information look on the IHWO website, or please contact us: ttraining@ihtbilisi.ge