General English Adults

General English Courses aim to improve your English, build your confidence and fluency in speaking, writing, reading and listening while also building grammar and vocabulary understanding and usage.


During the course you:

  • improve your fluency and accuracy, so that you speak better and more correctly
  • improve your pronunciation, so that your accent sounds more natural
  • practise your listening skills, as you will have to listen to recordings of native speakers
  • have a lot of opportunities to speak/ communicate
  • expand your vocabulary and learn new phrases
  • watch some authentic videos
  • test your knowledge




We use The Communicative Approach, which is the most contemporary and popular all over the world. All lessons are in English and the emphasis is on real meaningful communication, thatโ€™s why thereโ€™s more focus on skills work, student-centred activities and use of authentic materials in classes.




All our teachers are highly qualified, they all have CELTA (Cambridge Certificate in Teaching English) or Delta (Cambridge Diploma). All our teachers take part in ongoing teacher development, which means they are constantly updating their teaching skills and learning the latest methods to ensure language-learning success.


We employ highly experienced local teachers or professional native-speaker teachers from different backgrounds and different countries.




Cutting Edge Third Edition

New English File Third edition

Speak Out




When you come to IH you can take a test and have an interview to find out what course or level is most appropriate for you.


You can take a test:

  • online
  • at IH


The written test takes about 40 minutes. You have to come to IH so that our teachers can interview you and help you to select a class.


Levels and lengths of the courses


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