Business English

Courses are tailored to the needs of the individual group or class, and include a mix of topics and skills, dependend on what you need to be able to do in English at work. Small class sizes (4-8 students) mean that you can receive the maximum support from your teacher (corporate classes within the same department can be larger). Our teachers have training in teaching Business English, and use communicative teaching methods to ensure that you get the maximum amount of practice and support in using the language in realistic business situations such as meetings or negotiations, while at the same time increasing your range of vocabulary and grammar. Materials for the class are taken from specialised, published Business English material as well as authentic sources such as online business journals. You will also be involved in problem solving through business case-studies.


Classes can be tailored to the needs of staff  members within a company, or we run public classes for individuals to join.


Topics could include:                                                                        Skills could include:

International trade                                                                       – Taking part in meetings

- Business travel                                                                               – Negotiations

- Management styles                                                                       – Presentations


Who are you?

You are someone working in, or hoping to work in (possibly studying business) a business environment, with a need to communicate in English (either written or spoken), or to read or listen to English, through your work. You’ll need to already have at least an intermediate(B2) level of English (determined by our placement test), and be willing to self-study outside class to supplement what you do in class.



Classes run two or three evenings a week, 1,5 hour per class, for 2/4 months.