English for Banking & Finance

In todayโ€™s world, an understanding of banking and finance can significantly help you get ahead in business, and being able to communicate your ideas in English is a great asset. In order to address this need, we have created a specialised course to help develop your communicative skills in the field of banking and finance.

The class places an emphasis on expanding your active vocabulary, developing your awareness of terminology, discussing current news related to banking and finance, and developing reading, listening, writing and speaking skills. Small class sizes (4-8 students) mean that you can receive the maximum support from your teacher.

You will:

  • analyse current news stories related to banking and finance to develop your vocabulary as well as your ability to understand the news
  • learn language in areas such as personal banking, corporate banking, economics, investment etc.
  • develop your ability to understand and talk about graphs, charts and market information
  • develop your ability to write and speak so that your meaning is clear, including in business presentations and meetings
  • develop idiomatic awareness

Who are you?

You are someone working in, or hoping to work in (possibly studying) a banking & finance environment, with a need to communicate in English (either written or spoken), or to read or listen to English, through your work. Youโ€™ll need to already have at least an intermediate level of English (determined by our placement test), and be willing to self-study outside class to supplement what you do in class.


Class times will vary, depending on the course and demand. Classes will be held twice a week for 90 minutes each. (Please see specific course information for more details).