English for Medical Purposes

Our English for Medical Purposes course is suitable for practicing doctors, medical students and those considering furthering their medical practice in an English speaking environment.

The course anticipates a level of English equivalent to the Common European Framework (CEF) level B1 or higher and offers you the opportunity to extend and practice your working knowledge of English in a medical setting.

Module 1: Medical Personnel

Module 2: Hospital Departments

Module 3: Medical Equipment

Module 4: Admission to Hospital

Module 5: Taking a Patient History

Module 6: Informed Consent

Module 7: Describing Pain

Module 8: The Assessment of Pain

Module 9: Post-Operative Care

Module 10: Pain Management

Module 11: Describing Symptoms

Module 12: Eliciting Information and Symptoms

Module 13: Describing the Signs and Symptoms of Lung Conditions

Module 14: Describing the Signs and Symptoms of Heart Disease

Module 15: Describing the Signs and Symptoms of the Circulatory System

Module 16: Explaining Medical Conditions to Patients

Each module includes a range of tasks aimed at developing speaking, listening, reading and writing skills that will be useful in your medical career.

Course materials come from a wide range of internationally renowned sources, including the Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, Pearson Education, Tokyo Medical University and a range of other internationally recognised resources.

The course is based around the English Language communication skills considered essential by the designers of the OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination), which is an examination aimed at testing your medical communication skills.

The duration of the course is 8 weeks at 2 X 90 minute sessions a week.